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 Are you covered for all your summer insurance needs?

Summer is almost here, and the weather is quickly getting nicer! Along with your yard, toys, and activities, one more thing that should be on your summer to-do list is making sure all your summer fun is properly protected. The following are coverages that you may need to add, check on, or increase coverage for:


This time of year, everyone is bringing out their ATV’s and while this is an exciting time, it can also be a dangerous one. If your ATV is involved in an accident, you could be held responsible for not only your own ATV & medical bills, but also the medical bills and/or vehicles of any other parties involved. Your ATV is not covered under your standard auto policy unless it is separately listed.


It’s almost time to hit the water and having proper coverage during our short summer months can help you to enjoy your lake experience all summer long. Watercraft coverage will give you piece of mind by covering bodily injury and medical payments to yourself and others that may be with you or swimmers/riders who are in your path, property damage to watercrafts, docks, etc., and theft of your watercraft.


With the nicer weather it can be easy to forget about insurance when dusting off your bike after months of down time. Be sure your motorcycle is still listed under your policy and that it isn’t listed as “in storage”. Also, be sure to ask us about possible discounts.


Having a backyard pool makes for a great summer, it also makes for a lot of added responsibility. When adding a pool, your homeowner’s insurance may require certain safety measures such as fencing, railing, or gates.


An umbrella policy provides coverage above what is provided by all your other insurance policies. The policy is very low cost and will pick up where other policy coverages may have run out. There are numerous summer activities where extra coverage can help if an accident occurs such as having extra kids playing in your yard, bonfires, ATV/Golf cart accidents, swimming on your property, having a garage sale, dog bites, etc. For example: If a child is hurt while playing in your yard and your homeowners insurance coverages up to $500,000 for the child’s injuries but the medical bill exceeds that amount, you would be liable for the difference. With an umbrella policy covering you, the umbrella would cover the excess bills.

With the very few summer months we get, make sure to make the best of them with an added piece of mind. Contact us with any questions, additions, or quotes.

Have a safe and fun summer!

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