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Every year, the fun of Independence Day activities turns into accidental tragedy for hundreds of people across the United States.

The National Fire Protection Association says that two of every five structure fires is blamed on fireworks. This is an average of 18,500 fires caused. An estimated 12,900 injuries were treated in hospital emergency rooms in 2017. Over half of those injuries were to the extremities and nearly half of those were to the head. More than one third of those injured were children under the age of 15. 

If fireworks were to damage your home or create injuries at your home, would your home insurance provide coverage?


The answer is mostly, yes. Most home insurance policies provide different types of protection which have different payment limits. In the instance that fireworks are illegal where you live, then you may be on your own. Most policies exclude damage resulting from illegal acts. 

Different accidents may be covered by different coverages in your policy. Say a firework sets fire to your gutter, a "fire incidents" section of your home insurance policy could cover the damage. A firework that malfunctions and injures someone on your property could be covered under a "medical payments to others" coverage. Situations like this could also be covered under "liability payments". However, if the incident is intentional you may not have coverage. Also, if you injure yourself you may not be covered because you can't file a liability claim against your own policy. This would be where your health insurance would take over. 

One way to protect yourself would be to purchase an umbrella policy. This would protect you in case you reach the limits on your standard policy and it would also protect you in areas that may not be covered on your other policies. 

If you have any further questions about your home insurance policy coverages please contact us. 

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